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អភិវឌ្ឍន៍សុខភាពសត្វជនបទ ( អ.អ.ស.ស.ប )

Rural Animal Health Development Organization (RAHDO)

Type : Local NGOs

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Po Box : 89

Phone Number : 054 958 560/ 012 687 434

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Head Quarter Phone Number : 054 958 560, 012 687 434, 017 447 605

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Head Quarter Address : #474, Road 3, Gr.19, Sophy Village, Sangkat Kompon

Head Quarter Country : Cambodia


Province : Banteay Meanchey

District : Serei Saophoan

Commune : Ou Ambel

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RAHDO is a non-governmental organization serving the public regardless of race, colour, religion, and a non profitable as well as a non partisan organization serving non-political party besides promoting and improving Agricultural Production, Training on Community Development Project, Health Care Awareness, Creation the Agricutural Cooperatives and Voluntary Citizen Advisors with the integration on HIV/AIDS prevention & awareness, Human Rights, Gender, Domestic Violence, Democracy, Centralization, De-concentration and A Guide to An Effective Conflict Prevention to target beneficairies.


Rural Animal Health Development Organization (RAHDO) is a local non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable Organization. RAHDO was founded on 17th July 1999 by seven Cambodian core initiatives that were returnees from the refugee camp called Site Two in Thailand. All of them have had very high experience regards to animal raising, veterinarians and human right who used to be the trainers of these skills from 1989-1992 while living in the refugee camp. They used to work for International NGO named Danish Cambodian Consortium (DCC) where in BanteayMeanchey Province and it finished mandate in Cambodia in 1996 and worked for Local NGO named Social Environment Agricultural Development Organization (SEADO) till 1999. RAHDO was recognized and registered with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Kingdom of Cambodia on 05th October 1999. RAHDO aims to provide the training on animal management/ treatment to Local NGOs based in Northwest Provinces, Village Animal Health Workers (VAHWs) and rural poor people who prefer to Family Backyard Animal Raising in the means of poverty eradication and promoting living condition for better future. Meanwhile the enhancing education, training, monitoring, and awareness raising on human rights and democratisation issues are main parts to reduce the poverty for which RAHDO has to responsible. The drift away from rural areas to urban areas in the Northwest provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia is something RAHDO hopes to address through its project implementation. Since RAHDO has become one of Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and Australian Government (AusAID) partners, RAHDO has been implementing its projects actively and effectively in order to handover the chickens, pigs, cows and bulls to the poor vulnerable people in the target areas in the means of improving their food security. Supporting funds by NPA and AusAID, RAHDO has provided the training on animal raising, management and treatment to 12 Village Animal Health Workers (VAHWs), created 1 VAHW association, training to 152 Hen Raising Members, 232 Pig Raising Members, and 284 Cow Bank Members. RAHDO has always integrated the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS & STD, the concepts of human rights, gender, domestic violence and democracy and especially provided the training to 20 local authorities in O’Beijaun commune on Human Right, Gender, Democracy, Decentralization and De-concentration in late 2004. Since December 2004, RAHDO has been selected to be one of the core members of NGO Good Practice Pilot Project Organized by Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). This pilot project was focused on the fundamental of Good Governance concluding Accountability and Transparency, and NGO Code of Ethics. RAHDO has upgraded lots of knowledge related to NGO management and nowadays RAHDO is using these skills learnt from NGO GPP to directly practice within its NGO. In 2006, RAHDO conducted the workshop on “The Understanding on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza” in O’Beijaun commune, O’Chrouv District of BanteayMeanChey Province where located along Khmer-Thai border. The purpose of the workshop is to promote the awareness on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) prevention to public people at the commune level where living along Khmer-Thai border. From 23rd to 25th March 2006, RAHDO provided the training on “Right Base Approach, HIV/AIDS, Community and Development” to 36 Voluntary Citizen Advisors (VCAs) in 9 villages in O’Beijaun Commune, O’Chrouv District and 3 villages in TuolPongro Commune, Malai District, west of BanteayMeanchey Province. RAHDO’s purpose is to qualify them to skilful with problem reconciliation happening in the villages and help them to organize the Agricultural Cooperatives in the means of improving food security within their communities. Nowadays, RAHDO has been closely working with all VCAs in order to organize 12 agricultural cooperatives within 12 villages in O’Beijaun and Tuol Pongro Communes.




RAHDO trains and supports people to better their livelihoods and health through improved agricultural, veterinary and health knowledge and techniques. RAHDO also aims to empower people to link to agricultural markets and generate small scale, sustainable businesses.


RAHDO’s vision is for rural people in north-western Cambodia to have good livelihoods, health and living conditions.




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