M&E App

With support both financial and technical from Development Innovation, the online M&E app has been developed which customizing from Kobo Tool Box to provide excellence services, effectiveness, and maintaining M&E tool to its members and CSOs community in data collection (program activities and surveys), especially; improving results based management and knowledge management in their organizations. This tool have more functions and benefit such as can use Offline & Online, Dashboard, Android, iOS, Web form, Khmer version, Geographic administration, GPS, multimedia, Question library, Free style report, User management and can help us to save time and budget, save environment, the data collected is secure, confidence, accurate and generate the report faster. In October 2017 CCC will host the M&E tool on their own cloud and provide capacity development on house to use this tool for interesting individual or organizations to use.

For more information please go to link schedule for hosting and fee for using this tool or contact Mr. Yeng Seng, M&E specialist through e-mail: seng.yeng@ccc-cambodia.org and Phone: 012 215 139

Event Calendar
25 Oct 2018, M&E Learning Forum #2 - Registration
06 Nov 2018, ICT Learning Forum #2 - Registration
24 Oct 2018, Public workshop on Circular economy, communication strategies and inspiring leadership
24 Oct 2018, Law on the Auditing and Accounting and Reporting Template