NGO Governance & Professional Practice (GPP)

CCC has implemented NGO Governance & Professional Practice (GPP) since 2004 (originally as the NGO Good Practice Project), aiming at promoting professionalism and good practice within NGOs operating in Cambodia.

Initially the GPP team revised an existing Code of Ethical Principles for NGOs and developed accompanying minimum standards, and subsequently the Voluntary Certification System (VCS) was developed following examples of other NGO accountability and good governance models from around the world.

The VCS has been fully operational since 2007, and along with the supporting Code of Ethical Principles and the minimum standards for NGOs, is an important tool that helps to ensure accountability and good governance in the NGO sector. It is currently one of only two known NGO self-regulation practices operating in Southeast Asia.

Promoting the importance of good governance for NGOs is the central theme to CCC's work, and NGO GPP continues to make clear advances toward a wider adoption of good practices by NGOs in Cambodia.



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Event Calendar
20 Dec 2022, Together for Better Future
21 Dec 2022, National Workshop on Tax Compliance
22 Dec 2022, Do No Harm Community Practice Forum
23 Dec 2022, ICT Learning Forum