Invitation to Bidding

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)

Wishes to purchase: Tour Trip to Kho Trol

on 15-16 December 2022

  1. Required Specifications:



Description of Goods


Physical unit


Lot 1


Tour Trip for staff retreat to Koh Trol on 15-16 December 2022 (two-day one night) and we would like you to provide us a quotation with detail information as requirements below:


1-      On 15 December 2022, 27 adult departures from Kep Hotel to take boat to Koh Trol (Breakfast, lunch and dinner with full package of tour, stay overnight in Hotel in Koh Trol)

2-      On 16 December 2022 at 8:00am take tour around Koh Trol and at 1:30pm leave Koh troll to Kep Province

3-      Detail of schedule tour in Koh Trol

4-       Package tour price per person







  1. The Invitation to Bidding is also announced on CCC website:
  2. Interested qualified eligible suppliers are invited to deliver bidding documents to the address given below before 14:30 PM on Tuesday 29 November 2022. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in public immediately thereafter at the address given below in the presence of the bidders' representatives, the procurement committee, and those who choose to attend shall be allowed to be present in person.
  3. The Purchaser (CCC) shall award the Contract to the bidder whose offer has been determined to be the lowest evaluated bid and is substantially responsive to the requirements the most, and provided further that the Bidder is determined to be qualified to perform the Contract satisfactorily.
  4. The address where the bidding documents are delivered and bid opening is made is:

Address: #9-11, Street 476, Sangkat Toul Tompoung 1, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Office Phone: 023214 152 , E-mail:, H/P: 017 214 446



  1. In case of any difficulty in obtaining the bidding documents, interested parties may contact in writing to Mr. Chan Pheakdey, CCC Head of Operations and Members Development –H/P: 092 853002e-mail: or CCC office as address given above.


  1. CCC will declare a firm ineligible either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent, coercive or collusive practices in competing for executing a contract.


Annex 1: A Detail of Required Specifications, please visit CCC website:


Invitation to Bidding_Tour to Kho Trol 15-17 December 2022

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