Scholarship Program

CCC has coordinated and facilitated a range of learning and capacity development services including good governance, project cycle management with human rights based approach to development, evidence-based advocacy, business development, resource mobilization and financial sustainability and general development issues for better programing and policy discussion as well as for effectively respondent to development issues and social change.

Moreover, scholarship exchange program have been coordinated by CCC in working with the Mansfield Center of University of Montana since 2013 through Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) Program, under the theme Civil Society Development Fellow. Following this background and experiences, CCC had expanded the exchange opportunity for professional civil society development and formally included into the new five year program of GHP 2017-2021 in order to more effectively coordinate and resources mobilization, as well as response to the need for development practices within the country, where the fellow have more opportunity to learn on knowledge and experiences from other countries.

The scholarship will be developed into the below modality:

  • The fields of this education, training are focusing on developing active modern leader or role model CSO leader, CSOs resource mobilization and financial sustainability, and CSO entrepreneurship innovation in Cambodia through degree course and short course in abroad.
  • The scholar fellow will be formed as an ambassador educator in his or her province or network they come from based on the field they have learned with the formal agreement within CCC and hosted fellow organization
  • The seconded training will be applied after back from the course within three years project

Please click link for full scholarship for Exchange Program in USA-2018 YSEALI Civic Engagement


Event Calendar
31 May 2024, Online Leader Workshop
07 Jun 2024, Awareness Raising Workshop on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2