Civil Society Day

Speaker By:

Venue: Cambodiana Hotel

Date: 19-19 Mar 2019

Time: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


  1. To celebrate key achievements of civil society contributing to the development of Cambodia.
  2. To discuss on key initiatives of financial sustainability and long term financial ownership.
  3. To strengthen inclusive partnership in global, regional, and sub-national policies such as SDGs, ASEAN, CSDGs, NSDP, IP3 and Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF).
  4. To review the role of civil society in the current development trends.


Civil Society agenda_19 March 2019_Khmer-V5


Civil Society Agenda_19 March 2019_English-V5

Event Calendar
28 Oct 2019, Monitoring and Evaluation Learning Forum
06 Nov 2019, Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation System