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មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលកម្ពុជាដើម្បីការពារសិទ្ធកុមារ ( ម.ក.ក.ស.ក )

The Cambodia Center for the Protaction of Childrens Right (CCPCR)

Type : Local NGOs

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Po Box : 2487

Phone Number : 099 4441 34 / 012 729 895

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Website :www.ccpcr.ccpcr

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Province : Phnom Penh

District : Tuol Kouk

Commune : Boeng Kak Pir

Village : Ou Thum


The CCPCR Program: 1 Shelter Services i) Investigation and Rescue: In the past, CCPCR rescued female children directly from brothels, workplaces and abusive situations. As times have changed, the need for CCPCR to do this itself has lessened. Clients are now referred mostly by police, welfare authorities and community leaders as a result of CCPCR’s community awareness activities Increasingly, new clients comprise victims of trafficking and illegal migration. Working with authorities, they are received into CCPCR care after deportation from Vietnam and in some cases Thailand and even Malaysia. ii) Recovery and Rehabilitation: CCPCR: • Operates shelters for girls and boys, a transit centre for trafficked children and transition houses for older clients. • Accepts victims from 3 to 25 years of age at CCPCR shelters • Provides victims with shelter (or community caretakers), • Provides victims with a safe and secure environment, food, clothing, accommodation, health care and counseling. • Develops individual case plans focused on reintegration • Facilitates attendance at public schools. • Provides life skills, non-formal and vocational education. • Organizes legal assistance to victims in filing complaints, • Supports legal action in court against perpetrators. iii) Reintegration and Follow up: CCPCR: • Conducts family assessment and job placement. • Arranges for children to visit their families and provides where possible, reconciliation between children and their families. • Provides reintegration fund support • Reintegrates victims back into society, including return to their families if safe to do so or integration into the work place, • Is increasing the use of transition houses to provide clients, 18yrs and older with a safe and supportive environment for up to a year as they are integrated into the workforce, or as a place to stay while undertaking university or other vocational studies. • Assists high school graduates to obtain university scholarships • Maintains a team of Social workers to assess family needs and to follow up reintegrated clients to monitor their welfare, school attendance / job placement security. 2 Community Services: Prevention and Community Education: Ongoing community education is required to create community awareness of the problems of trafficking and all forms of abuse, the law and how to report and or escape abusive situations. CCPCR child protection network systems at both commune and provincial levels involve conducting education in schools, villages, communes, districts and with appropriate authorities. This enables abuse victims to be located, assisted and re-integrated. Fostering local community support is essential in locating children and young people at risk, in seeking community solutions, and in organising the safe reintegration of abused children. Children/Youth Network: This child protection program has been designed to mobilize and enable children to protect themselves from abuse and to raise awareness in the community of the tricks of recruiters, the law on human trafficking, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. This program is implemented through local authorities, police, teachers and children and provides inputs into Commune plans. Primary & Community Education: CCPCR provides non-formal education n to children and adults who have dropped out of school, and seeks to reintegrate children back into school. Temporary classrooms and teachers have been provided to remote areas. CCPCR also provides training to relevant stakeholders on the “Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” and “Rights of the Children and Women”.


The Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights (CCPCR) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. CCPCR was founded in November 1994 by a group of Cambodian professionals highly committed to the welfare of Cambodian children. Its task is to promote children’s rights by protecting and combating against Violence, Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Exploitation. We do not discriminate against Race, Colour, Religion, or Gender.


To rescue, rehabilitate, and successfully reintegrate children and youth of any nationality in Cambodia who have been abused, are victims of trafficking, exploitation and forced into prostitution, or who are at risk of these situations, as well as to increase public awareness of the vulnerability of children.


The natural and legal rights of every child and youth are universally accepted in a society free from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.


Children and youth in CCPCR project areas are prevented and protected from all form of violence, abuse and exploitation and live in safety environment.