A decade of NGO Research 2001 - 2010

The book is not a manual on academic research, which could be a much longer and more thorough process. Neither is it about project planning, monitoring or evaluation, although the described methods can be used at any point during the project cycle or whenever more information is needed before a decision is made. Rather, the book aims to be a practical guide and reference for those who are new to research or have undertaken such an endeavor but require an affirmation of their knowledge and experience. And, while research concepts, principles and procedures are presented to ease understanding, the book is not an attempt to oversimplify research and to create an impression that it is a mechanical and linear process. Research is a dynamic and iterative process and researchers will need to be creative in adapting the suggested procedures and steps in their search for answers to their questions and/or need for information.


A Decade of NGO Research 2001 - 2010


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