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The biggest event of the year when all CCC members and development actors (the government officials, the development partners, the CSO representatives, and the private sector) across Cambodia invited CCC Annual General Meeting (AGM).

By its bylaws, the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) conducts AGM with its members to review the performance for the past year and to discuss plans for the following years. During AGM, all stakeholders can share their experience and expertise, to exchange their mutual understanding on the joint development issues, and to discuss the initial actions to address those development challenges

This year is 27th AGM since it started in 1991. During each year AGM, the key thematic issues including development trends, enabling an environment for CSO, strengthening good governance, innovation, promoting gender, social inclusion, public quality services, global development agenda, financial sustainability, and many others are actively discussed.

With the feedbacks from CCC members, Executive Committee (EXCOM), CCC partners, and provincial NGO networks, the 27th AGM will strategically held under the theme: “Enhance the CSO Collaboration in contributing to the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The 27th AGM will be convened in Phnom Penh on 16 March 2017. Estimated 200 participants who are representative of CCC members and invited key related stakeholders from various sector including health, education, environment, and many others will interact with each other and lead the discussion on the proposed thematic programs. The largest CSO fairs will also be shown during the event.