To participate, organizations must submit a written application or online application, and provide the requested documentation. For new online applicant, contact GPP team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone (855) 12 875 160 /  to get user name and password to sign in. Before submitting an application, interested organizations should look at these materials:


Standards of Good Governance & Professional Practices for NGOs in Cambodia (GPP Code) English (27Mb) | Khmer (22Mb)

VCS Application form and Instructions English

VCS Charging Fee English

Benefits of Participation


The review process is designed to assess and determine if the applicant organization meets the required standards.  NGO GPP staff conducts an initial review of the submitted application and materials, if they are found to be complete, further review (desk review) will take place involving the NGO GPP Working Group (WG ToRWG member profiles). Upon the recommendation of the Working Group, a field visit and review will be conducted by NGO GPP staff. The desk review and field visit report will be submitted to the NGO Code Compliance Committee (NCCC ToRNCCC member profiles) for final approval.

Successful organizations will be awarded a Code Compliance Certificate which is valid for up to three years. Other applicant NGOs will receive capacity development through workshops, training, mentoring/coaching and other methods in order to become compliant with all 26 standards in the NGO Code.


Download the profiles of the Certified NGOs [PDF]


To ensure and maintain quality of the system, the complaints mechanism and policy are now available for handling allegations or evidence of misconduct by a Certified NGO. Download the GPP Complaints Mechanism Policy [PDF] and Complaints Format [DOC]


Video Document about GPP <<<

Thank you for your commitment to ethics and accountability in the NGO sector.