Multi-Stakeholder Engagement and Inclusive Partnership

The belief and commitment of CCC towards Busan Agreement on Effective Development Cooperation and the Leave No One Behind Principle of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) have sharpen one of its working approaches as Multi-stakeholder engagement and Inclusive partnership. At the national level, CCC engages in various related platforms at both national and sub-national levels such as the Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy (DCPS), the Technical Working Group (TWGs), the Cambodian Development Forum (CDF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) platforms and others. The efforts of CCC will be made to ensure the space to influence and engage in policy debates with the government, development partners, civil society and private sector. At the sub-national level, CCC participates in promoting the Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) and advocates for having the multi-stakeholder forum in place to help ensuring that all development actors have the inclusive space to talk about their own agendas as well as to share some perspectives to overcome any common development challenge.

Event Calendar
25 Oct 2018, M&E Learning Forum #2 - Registration
06 Nov 2018, ICT Learning Forum #2 - Registration
24 Oct 2018, Public workshop on Circular economy, communication strategies and inspiring leadership
24 Oct 2018, Law on the Auditing and Accounting and Reporting Template