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The decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. It needs the decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. 2017

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA)

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA), it is a voluntary, informal, and apolitical platform for those work and used to work for any forms of civil society organization in Cambodia.

Latest News

  • Basic Video Training

    27-29 Mar 2019 CCC

    By the end of the training, participants will be able to: Design video concept to tell an effective story, Understand the production process from planning, shooting to editing, Operate video equipment, Use industry-standard software to edit video, Produce a high-quality short video from scratch

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  • Civil Society Day

    19-19 Mar 2019 Cambodiana Hotel

    More than 300 participants came and discuss on one planary and nine breakout sessions lead to the commom positon on outcome documents. This requested to all stakeholders to strongly participate to ensure the sustainble development for the country. 

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  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    18-18 Mar 2019 Cambodiana Hotel

    To reflect the previous year performance and celebrate key achievements and the contribution to the development of Cambodia...

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  • Finance Learning Forum on “The Real Practice Taxation for Not-for-Profit Entities”

    12-12 Mar 2019 Diakonia Center

    To Enhance understanding on tax compliance with non-for-profit entities. To learn and discuss the real practice of how to register TIN, VAT, tax on salary, withholding tax, and annual income tax. To strengthen relationship and network among finance practitioners and professionals for ongoing learning on Financial Management issues and good practice.

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What we do?

CCC provides 7 services for the program strategies, which will advance and develop number of existing and new systems and tools for promoting good governance, and professional practices within the civil society organizations in Cambodia.

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becoming a member of CCC, you will gain unlimited benefits and resources from a wide range of networking across different sectors, capacity development, exchange and sharing as community of good practices...

Event Calendar
25 Apr 2019, Human Resource Management Learning Forum
08 May 2019, Bi-monthly meeting 256th
24 May 2019, ICT Learning Forum
21 Jun 2019, Monitoring and Evaluation Learning Forum